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Dear Sir or Madam,

we would like to take the opportunity and present you the new overflow-gutter system of our company produced for perimeter-overflow pools.

Thanks to our product the construction of perimeter-overflow pools became more simple, faster and more cost-effective. It can even be installed on the edge of old or concrete-block pools (when renovating your spa or pool), and you do not even need casing.

The sections are all 245 mm long. They are made of C35/45 concrete of great strength, thus they can withstand extreme weather conditions and frost. As a result of the arc-bevelled gutter form if the water freezes in winter, it cannot damage them.
Also as a result of this form the sections are noise-free, you will not hear the intensive splashing-gurgling typical for other solutions.
The sections are rather accurate to size, the surface is of a mirror finish, there are no flows, deformations so typical for ceramic gutter elements.
The internal surface of the finished gutter may be painted, or coated (foil, glass mosaic, even tiles).
You can order bracket elements for supporting paving stones which make it unnecessary to perfectly compacting the dirt-refill around the pool.
We offer elements cut on the mitre or elements with bores in angle.
Based on a design it is possible to install any other form of gutters, even an arc gutter. In case of an larger order or a more frequently used form, we do not charge extra fee for the preparation of tools.
We also deliver the elements to the building site.

Further advantages of the product:
  • No casing needed - casing is timeconsuming and expensive, as well as generally being imprecise, and requires hard or gypsum plastering.
  • No plastering needed - so there is nothing that can come off, freeze off, or crack.
  • No special tool, expertise needed - the tiler can install it.
  • Arc sections are also available - precise solution of positive and negative arc.
  • No railing required for the overflow-grate - its place is already cut in the elements.
  • Accurate to size, forms that fit the cover - FLOOR-GRES, AGROB BUCHTAL.
  • It is avaialable for all three types of covering - foil, glass mosaic, tile.
  • Easy to keep clean - there are no sharp angles, corners where algae can settle.
  • Quick to install - in case of an average-sized private pool, it takes 1 day to install the overflow-gutter.
  • Cost-effective - compared to any other gutter type, the special, expensive edge elements are not necessary to be installed.
  • Plannable - there is no risk as far as the duration and cost of instalation is concerned. rizikó a kivitelezés időtartamát és költségét illetően.
  • Excellent quality - if it is installed in a professional manner.

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